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Asphalt Paving

Quality Asphalt Vehicle

There’s a reason our national roads and highways are paved with asphalt! It’s durable, inexpensive and easy to maintain. 

While it’s a solid paving material choice, it’s important to know that not all asphalt surfaces are made equal. Chemistry, site preparation, application methods and the skills of the team applying it all factor in to how long your asphalt paving will last. 

Schertz Paving Pros is a smart choice for any asphalt work.

Here’s why.


We’re Asphalt and Concrete Specialists

You can’t get the same level of quality from general contractors. They’re simply not equipped. Our team, our equipment and materials have all been chosen specifically to do one thing well: to deliver top quality paving which looks great and which represents a great quality investment.


We Care Just as Much About What Goes Under Your Asphalt Paving

Pour concrete over a poorly prepared surface and two things happen: 1) you get a bumpy, uneven and generally subpar looking finish; and 2) you end up with asphalt which rapidly degrades in the elements. 

That’s why we don’t mess about with our building materials. We use premium materials which are easy to grade and level. Only when it’s perfect do we get to the asphalt. 


Schertz Paving Pros is Details Focused

What does that mean exactly? Well, it means we don’t just apply an expert finish to the center of your paving area. We get right out to the edges. We make sure it’s sealed and given a professional polish. 

The paving we can provide your home or business won’t just look great from a few hundred feet away! It’ll look great when you get up close. The end result? Our work can significantly boost your property’s curb appeal. 

Appearances count!


Commercial or Residential Inquiries Are Welcome

Whatever job you need done, give us a call. We’re quick, reliable and professional. Just as importantly, we’re your local concrete and asphalt specialists. 

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