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Commercial Paving Services

Good workers for cement

As a thriving local business, Schertz Paving Pros get the pressures which local businesses are under. 

Keeping your doors open for business is vital. At the same time, if your commercial frontage and paved areas are shabby looking or just plain hazardous, this problem needs to be addressed — if not purely for appearance’s sake then for the simple priority of protecting yourself from liability.  

All this boils down to one simple fact: commercial concrete and asphalt paving needs to be done fast, and done well. 

At, we deliver top notch commercial asphalt or concrete paving on a quick turnaround. 


We Have a Dedicated Team of Paving Specialists

One reason we’re your best choice for commercial asphalt and concrete paving is that we have a dedicated team of paving specialists. Work with us and you won’t be dealing with a skeleton crew who get the job done when it gets done. 

We’ll show up in force! We’ll get the project finished to a tight project timeframe, which you’ll know and sign off in advance. 


We’ll Keep Your Business Accessible to Your Customers

Having a big team and all the best equipment has other benefits. For instance, we’re able to work in phased construction. At no point will your asphalt paved area or concrete walkways be completely inaccessible. 

We can make sure that customers can park and gain entry to your business premises throughout the entirety of our construction. This means minimal lost business for you during the construction period. 


We Also Offer a Ton of Design and Finishing Options

Fast and efficient is all very well. But it needs to look good too!

We offer a ton of options to blend your paved areas into your commercial building’s construction and color scheme. Looking for stamped concrete? We can do that too. 

We can also make sure your asphalt is smoothed, sealed and perfectly finished. 

Not to brag or anything, but our work looks great! 

If your commercial property needs excellent quality paving fast give us a call! Or write to use using the contact form. We’ll be happy to talk you through your options.

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