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Concrete Paving

Concrete Workers Spreading New Concrete

Pouring a chunk of concrete and hoping for the best is something anyone with a bit of YouTube savvy can do. Getting a great finish which lasts is another matter! 

Pouring concrete well requires a lot of skill and experience, from getting the chemistry just so through to understanding the techniques for pouring and finishing it. 

Schertz Paving Pros can set you up with a concrete paved surface which:

  • Is crack and pothole resistant and built to provide many years of hassle-free paving
  • Offers a high-traction and smooth walking surface which is safe for pedestrian traffic 365 days of the year
  • Looks great, in a range of striking finishes. 

Here are some of our most popular concrete paving services. 


Warehouses & Parking Lots

Warehouses and parking lots take a lot of punishment. Schertz Paving Pros will install a thick layer of concrete using a highly resilient concrete mix, specifically formulated for a lot of impact and stress resistance.  


Concrete Driveways

We’ll build a concrete driveway for you which your neighbors will envy! We can give you some great concrete finishes with staining, stamping and texturing to suit your home. 


Concrete Sidewalks

Tree roots, subsiding earth and a pummeling from pedestrian traffic all place a lot of stress on concrete sidewalks. If your existing concrete sidewalk is letting your home down, we can construct a new, pothole, crack and tree root resistant stretch of concrete sidewalk for you. 

Whatever style of concrete you’re looking for, we can help with an attractive, cost-effective and highly durable concrete surface. 

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